HOUGA started in the spring/summer 2019 season.


When I was a child, wearing my favorite children's clothes made me feel like the world had opened up to me, and I began to love clothes.

I found it quite difficult to effectively convey my thoughts and nuances to others, but clothing helped me fill in the gaps in my sense of discomfort and sensibility.


The experience of gaining self-confidence through the power of fashion made me want to become a designer and create a brand that could encourage people like me.


I studied aesthetics and art history at university, and design and patterns at a vocational school, before becoming a corporate designer. While creating things, I wanted to pursue a childhood dream, so I quit my job when I had a baby.


After giving birth, I spent my days wanting to do something but not being able to do it well, not making any progress at all, and not talking to anyone. But as I went through my days, my ideal world of what I wished it could be began to grow, and the image of the clothes I wanted, the clothes I wanted to make, and the clothes I wanted to deliver gradually became more concrete.


There are many things happening every day, but I want the fashion world to be a fun place.


You want to dress up and feel good, but you don't want something cumbersome or something you'll rarely have the opportunity to wear, you don't want to get tired of clothes, you don't want to feel nervous or have to work hard to wear them, you want to wear clothes that you would wear just for yourself, etc.

I want clothes that will encourage anyone to free their senses and feel strong, without them having to try hard to fulfill a certain role.


With the feeling of regaining my senses, I began doing what I could, step by step, through trial and error.