About fraudulent orders

In order to prevent fraudulent orders that use the name, address, contact information, credit card, etc. of someone other than the person placing the order, our online store may cancel your order even after it has been completed.

What to do in case of cancellation

If any of the following items apply to your order, it will be cancelled.

After cancelling, we will contact you via your registered email address to confirm your order, so please place your order again.
We appreciate your understanding in advance.

- If the order is similar to a fraudulent order detected in the past
・If the credit card payment processing company detects concerns about fraudulent use
・If there are any errors in the delivery address or if there are any questions about the name, etc.
- If we determine that the email address is not valid, such as a disposable email address
- If we determine there is a possibility of fraudulent use in accordance with our company regulations.

We are doing this to prevent any problems for our customers, so we ask for your understanding.