“Unbirthday Party Dress”
The story of the country vague but certainly exists somewhere.

This world that was born by chance is not necessarily the world that suits you best. Like an adult, like a woman, like a man, like a mother...
HOUGA dresses are dresses that connect with the “true world” that lies dormant within everyone, regardless of age, age, or gender. With the hope that everyone can reach their own world. We invite you to the country of HOUGA.

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A Sign Appears.

Emerging signs. It is my potential that emerges after being freed from all kinds of shackles and restrictions.
HOUGA is not the clothes of this world. From the fantasy of confined freedom to the real world where the freedom within me is released. Even though I'm happy in my heart, I'm crouching with the difficulty of living. I return to my own place. From the fictional world in which I live now, it leads to my original world. Ageless, genderless, stressless.

HOUGA dresses celebrate your uniqueness. We design such five senses and experiences. What kind of country is your country?
Unlimited Freedom
To the land of HOUGA.

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Moe Ishida
Born in Saitama in 1988. Graduated from Keio University Faculty of Letters, Aesthetics and Art History, ESMOD Japon Tokyo School.
86th Soen Award Honorable Mention, 11th YKK Fastening Award Excellence Award.
Experienced the planning of FRAPBOIS at BIGI Co., Ltd. and retired after giving birth.
“HOUGA” ​​will start from the 2019 spring/summer season.