[Positions offered]
Production control

【Employment status】
Outsourcing contract

【Desired condition】
・More than 1 year of experience in apparel production management ・Beginner to intermediate level Excel skills

[Business content]
・Overall production management of fabrics and knits
・Factory management ( guidance, management, etc. for factories handling samples and mass-produced products )
・Delivery time, cost, mass production, cost management
・Advance pick-up and delivery before delivery
・Ordering to management work
Material survey
·Material creation
・Exhibition business

【Work location】
8 minutes walk from Nippori Station, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo
(Telecommuting, remote work possible)

【Working hours】
freedom in principle

Determined according to experience and ability

Please attach your resume, job history, and self-promotion materials and contact us at the following.